ultimate lakefront






This comfortable smaller home had been updated multiple times and had lost some of its original charm in the process. With the addition of two small children and frequent visits from extended family members, the home was clearly stretched to its limits. With a sharply sloping lot to the front and rear along with constraints to the sides, some creativity would clearly be needed to include the desired added space and amenities.


an addition

The addition was shaped in an “L” to wrap around the back

and part of the side of the house. Because of lot constraints, the new rooms to the side could not be made wide enough, so space was used from the larger open room in the existing floor plan by moving the old wall of the house.

a work of art

Although the engineering challenges were daunting, we succeeded in creating a seamless addition, inside and out, hiding structural beams in the ceiling and reworking much of the second floor support.

what a view

Some of the interesting features of the renovation include; hot water heat in the lower level floors with stained and sealed concrete as the final finish, an entertainment area with hidden movie screen, a stunning Arts and Crafts inspired kitchen and mahogany library with panoramic views leading to a secluded bedroom suite on the main level.

opportunities for improvement

Most people make some changes during construction, and this is good. Opportunities present themselves to improve the design or add something that will enhance the overall project. That is the nature of renovation.  

Some of the interesting features of the renovation include; hot water

flexible design

This project was planned as a fast-track design-build with the result that the prepared specifications were used strictly for estimating purposes. The final selections replaced estimates that were documented on Change Orders and brought up to date at the weekly meetings. This process allowed a great deal of flexibility and plenty of opportunities to “tweak” the design.

a masterpiece

The result, we think, restored some of the previously lost traditional charm of the original house and added space and functionality and while employing a modern layout conveys a timeless quality.