led into the future


This condo, located in the St. Anthony Main area overlooking downtown Minneapolis, was purchased by the homeowner with the intent of completely remodeling it. The condo, constructed in the 1980s, had become considerably outdated. The concrete floors and ceiling, however, provided an excellent template for creating a space that combined a modern look with the historic charm of the area.


a modern look

The condo maintained its original layout, but all other elements were replaced. The drywall ceiling was removed to expose the concrete, along with any piping and mechanical duct work.

energy efficiency

The concrete ceiling also served as an ideal mounting surface for tracks of computer controlled LED lighting installed throughout the condo. By using LED lighting, the 1,600 square foot condo was able to achieve a total lighting load of 1,550 watts, or less than one watt per square foot.


In addition to low electrical consumption, the condo considered sustainability in other areas. Steel studs were used in place of wood studs because of their durability and recyclability. All wood that was used, however, was FSC certified.


Flooring included marmoleum, which is made from natural and renewable resources, and carpet tiles, which are low VOC and made from renewable and recycled materials. Several reclaimed doors were incorporated into the project, as well as recycled glass and marble countertops that were reclaimed from the Foshay Tower in downtown Minneapolis.