home restoration


Morrissey Builders views home renovation and restoration as an enjoyable challenge with opportunities to upgrade the home, improve livability and advance the community as a whole. That’s because we believe the most important goal of a home renovation is often completely independent of the floor plan or the exterior appearance. The goal is to transform how the home performs.

improving performance

We can improve a home literally from the ground up by insulating the foundation, adding wall and roof insulation, installing better performing windows and doors, and sealing air leaks. These are just a few of the services Morrissey Builders can provide for your Twin Cities home renovation. In turn, we provide the home with much better performance testing as well as providing the homeowner with tremendous savings on utilities.

energy independence

A home renovation can include upgrading its mechanical systems. These systems can be retrofitted into the existing home with a minimal need for interior or exterior alterations. We can even help the homeowner move from energy efficiency toward energy independence by installing photovoltaic as well as solar thermal systems.

alterations and rehabs

Morrissey Builders can start from wherever the home requires. We can remove and replace outdated mechanical systems that have reduced the homes comfort over time. We can make quick-fix repairs or alterations or we can perform a complete home rehab. Our team can remove all finishes as well as rebuild a specific look from the studs outward. We have experience in recreating historically accurate details to the interior or exterior of some of the finest homes in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

beyond the basics

Whether it’s a total home rehab, a deep energy retrofit, or any portion of an exterior makeover, our services are an ideal fit for projects involving much more than basic remodeling skills. Morrissey Builders is a trusted and true Twin Cities home renovator.

Morrissey Buiders would like to assist you with:

  • Home performance analysis (Home Energy Rating)
  • Deep energy retrofit
  • Complete home rehab
  • Exterior makeovers
  • Historical restoration
  • Window and door upgrades

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