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Twin Projects

The founders of Morrissey Builders have a vision of bringing the best in green practices to all such as North Minneapolis and Frogtown of St. Paul. Sean Morrissey, co-founder of Morrissey Builders, uses this analogy, “The typical model is to give donations that have outlived their life, but we want to make sure everyone has access to the best. This is like buying the latest new car model with the best gas mileage and warranty”

Morrissey Builders has committed to the twin projects of the Hawthorne “Eco Village” of the Minneappleseed project and Frogtown Community House and Garden in St. Paul.

Hawthorne EcoVillage

The MinneAppleseed Projects

Morrissey Builders is part of a group of builders, engineers, and experts in sustainable building practices called the MinneAppleseed Association. This group is moving towards bringing green architecture to people who can’t afford it on their own. The Hawthorne “Eco Village” Project is about transforming the four blocks between Lowry and Lyndale Avenue in Minneapolis by bringing the best practices in community based development, neighborhood revitalization, and sustainable green building and landscaping. Supporters of this project are providing the tools to empower residents to help design, create, and maintain their neighborhood including a tree nursery. Residents are caring for and cultivating the trees in a vacant lot until they can be planted permanently throughout the village. The goal is to create a sustainable green neighborhood – inside and out!

Frogtown community housegreen project in st.paul

The Frogtown Community House and Garden             

The Frogtown Community House is a similar green project in St. Paul. The community house on 537 Charles Avenue in Frogtown. The house has been stripped to its bones and is being rebuilt with mostly donated goods, services, and labor.

Morrissey Builders is the team that is restoring this run-down house with the intent of revitalizing the community and bringing a model of energy efficiency and sustainability to St. Paul. The house will have a “community room” open to all with a separate entrance for the family. An empty lot just across the street was donated by the city to be used as a community garden and will be the central outdoor gathering place for the neighborhood.

Other initiatives:

Chicago connection  

The Chicago Connection

Sean Morrissey and Josh Crenshaw have committed to working the Life Center in Chicago and take yearly road trips to continue the restoration of old vacant buildings into apartments for those in need. This year will mark the 11th consecutive year where teams of 10 to 30 men have dedicated their time to do construction and service projects in the worst blocks of Chicago.