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Strategies to Build Toward Zero
Energy - Part 4

Renewable Energy

Producing energy without fuel; what a cool concept. No coal, no oil, no natural gas, no nuclear waste, no digging, no transporting, no sweat. The industrialized world has been pursuing this idea for decades with varying degrees of success. In the U.S. our energy consumption per person is roughly four times the world average and nearly twice that of Western Europe.1 Nearly half of all the energy produced in the U.S. is consumed by the building sector.2 Since it is unlikely that we will give up on the comforts of life that we have come to expect, and since limited natural... MORE


House Full of Resources

What do you do with a house no one wants anymore? The typical convention is to bring in the heavy equipment, pulverize it into little bite size pieces, and drop it into a landfill somewhere. While this is fast and certainly fun to watch it may not be the only option... MORE


Current Events

This May, our client's new home designed and built to Passive House standards in Hudson, Wisconsin received Gold level certification as a MN GreenStar certified project. MN GreenStar evaluates and scores projects based on five principles which are energy efficiency, water... MORE


Photo Voltaic Energy and Energy Storage

One of the most popular ways to collect and store energy is through photo voltaic garden lamps. These little lighting devices collect energy from the sun during the day and then at night they release the stored energy as light. You may find them illuminating gardens and landscaping... MORE

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