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Strategies for Improving the Performance of Your Home - Part 2

CartoonIn part one of Strategies to Improve the Performance of Your Home we illustrated some aspects such as air sealing and improving the envelope when evaluating the true cost of your home. In part two, we will disclose how appliances and electrical conservation effect your home's overall cost... MORE


The Gideon School Works: A Vital Force of Redemption to Men

minneAppleseed LogoThe Beginning

Sean Morrissey was involved in volunteering at the Prayer Center in North Minneapolis for three years which connected people to community resources. He saw men make decisions on leaving the gang life and to live a godly lifestyle. During that time, he witnessed 10-12 men step out of the gang lifestyle but there was nothing for them to do. So, Sean made a bid for a rehabilitation project with the intention of employing 6-7 of the men for that job... MORE


Living Green Expo
May 5-6-, 2012
Minnesota State Fairgrounds



Do You Have Ghosts in Your House?

Ghosts or phantom loads are your home's electrical devices stealing energy from your pocket book.

Devices such as TV's, DVD players, computers, game systems, microwaves, coffee makers and chargers don't completely turn off, instead they go into "stand by mode" waiting for you to return... MORE

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