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Working on the weeHouse

December 29, 2012

The Meeting
met with Eric and Jeannine on an unusually warm November morning at the Morrissey Builders office. Both were gathering with Josh to discuss the upcoming details of their pre-fabricated house that our team is building.

They graciously agreed to an interview. I had acquainted myself with their blog documentary called Generic House at before we met and was charmed by the observations and wit of its creators. Eric explained, “The name of the blog came about from combining our names, Jeannine and Eric, not implying that the house is generic since it will hopefully be unique.”

The weeHouse Decision

Eric shared, “Jeannine and I both dreamed of designing/building our home. We really wanted something that fit our lives rather than adapt to a home. We thought a lot about how we wanted to use the home and what elements we liked from our previous homes.” The couple decided to go with a pre-fabricated house because of its low impact on the environment, the great selection of modern designs, and its overall quality.

Because the house is built inside a factory the home has little to no moisture issues and will create very little waste. The process is much quicker to build than the conventional method. These things make it very eco-friendly.

When it really came right down to it, the weeHouse was the best fit for them. They had visited a number of pre-fabrication manufacturers but chose Alchemy Architects from St. Paul because they were the most flexible. The couple wanted the home to have an open layout with sliding doors to create momentary privacy.

A Plot to Land on

Through a few mishaps and some meandering it actually took the couple about five years to find the right neighborhood, the right plot of land, and then the right house. When they bought the plot in St. Anthony Park, they gratefully found their neighbors to be friendly and welcoming.

As the old neglected house was being torn down, neighbors stopped by to gather any reusable materials because many of them had the same floor and cabinetry.

Morrissey Builders Steps In
One unforeseen glitch was that the reuse center that the couple was using to salvage the materials went out of business. That’s when Morrissey Builders stepped onto the scene.

Two guys named Mark who lived across the street, Mark Broderick and Mark Lageson, recommended our team and we took it over from there. One is a former Morrissey Builders client and the other is a friend.

Phase One
One great thing about pre-fabricated houses is that they can be done in sections and therefore this project has two phases. This makes financing easier.

The first phase includes the first floor and the basement. Much later, the second phase will include the second floor, garage and back patio.

Two Float Parade

So far the Morrissey Builders team has built the walkout basement and then on December 11th the two fabricated pieces were loaded on two trucks and driven all the way to Ludlow Avenue like a two float parade.

The houses were placed on top of the basement and joined as the Morrissey Builders crew created the “marriage seam.”

weeHouse Sweet weeHouse

As each day that passes, the weeHouse gets more prepared for its owners who wait expectantly to live in their new place. The best part of the house building process, after the initial selections, says the home owners is to actually see it complete. Soon Eric and Jeannine shall be saying “weeHouse sweet weeHouse.”


St. Anthony High School Students Visit the weeHouse

Friday, December 14 - Thursday afternoon two bus loads of Environmental Science high school students visited the wee house that Morrissey Builders is building. The pre-fabricated house is designed by Alchemy Architects, built inside its factory and then hauled in two pieces last Tuesday to Ludlow Avenue. Our team sealed the "marriage line" together in time for the students to take a tour on Thursday. Sean pointed out the energy efficient aspects of the house to the students while Josh took them to another level by explaining the most green and sustainable type of house called the Passive House. 

The weeHouse is a "just right" size house with plenty of sunlight streaming through its energy efficient windows. It has sliding walls for choosing different levels of privacy and will be built in phases. The second level and the garage will come later. The walk-out basement was designed by Alchemy but is being built by Morrissey Builders. We are excited about our relationship with Alchemy and building this project. It appears that we are not the only ones.